Solar Power International 2017 Conference & Expo Guide | 844-666-7035 | P O W E R F U L I N N O V A T I O N You asked, we delivered. The groundbreaking YC600 with Reactive Power Control (RPC) technology. Includes everything but the kitchen sink. Plus free monitoring for life.  Hi APsystems, can you build me a microinverter? Sure, what features would you like? I’m not finished. How about free monitoring for life? • Fast installation • Field upgradeable FPGA design • 25 year warranty • Make it wireless • Intelligent mesh network • IP67/NEMA 6 • True MC4 connectors • 99.5% MPPT Efficiency • Dual-module microinverter • Independent MPPT per panel • CA Rule 21, UL1741 SA and H14 compliance • Rapid Shutdown • DC Arc-Fault Protection • Work with 60 & 72 cell PV panels 250W-365W+ Is that everything? Done! Anything else? Wow. Booth #1745