SPI Today - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

CEO John E. Green - (828)215-9064 - JohnGreen@InnovativeSolarSystemsLLC.com CFO Craig J. Sherman - (828)767-1015 - Craig@InnovativeSolarSystemsLLC.com Innovative Solar Systems, LLC (ISS) is the largest developer of utility scale solar PV systems in the USA. With a portfolio of 10GW per year in over 35 States, ISS has projects that will suit your needs. Innovative Solar 37 - 80MW ac Innovative Solar 47 - 35MW ac Innovative Solar 31 - 35MW ac Innovative Solar 43 - 40MW ac #1 USA developer with a 10GW yearly pipeline Developed 1GW of projects in the USA by 2016 Projects sold at early stage, shovel-ready, NTP or COD Portfolio diversity: projects in over 35 US States 300MW to 2GW project portfolios for sale Ability to provide sRECs and PPAs to corporate offtakers Innovative Solar 34 - 50MW ac Innovative Solar 46 - 80MW ac