SPI Today - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

1 Solar Power InternationalToday • www.solarpowerinternational.com “L et us have solar.” That’s one message heard at Tuesday’s General Session introduced by SEPA President and Chief Executive Officer Julia Hamm, who also wel- comed Energy Storage International (ESI) to the Solar Power International community. “I never envisioned it would grow to be an event with 20,000 people, but we have evolved to expand our mission to involve so- lar, storage, and other technologies.” She also took the occasion to announce a new report thanks to SEPA’s re- search efforts available on the organization’s website. The 2017 Utility Solar Market Snapshot is available at www.sepa- power.org/resource/2017-solar-market-snapshot/ and features responses from more than 400 utili- ties serving 76 percent of the nation’s custom- ers. The report includes figures that show the industry’s growth in an easy-to-follow format with detailed information available for those who want it. With the maturing of the solar industry, in- creasing storage capability was the focus of this session’s three speakers. Hugh Bromley is the Lead U.S. Solar Analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, where he does economic, policy, and market analysis of the industry. In his presentation, he told how “technology is fundamentally changing the en- ergy landscape” and gave a number of examples of milestones and signs “we should be looking for.” With the dramatic price drops in solar materi- als seen of late—he cited a 99 percent decrease in unit cost—Bromley presented statistics showing a 28 percent decrease in price for every doubling of solar production since 1975. “Volume is to a technology what time is to an investment,” and solar demand was the result of unpredictable government stimulus. According to Bromley, “Understanding solar and storage costs requires a view on power and transporta- tion,” which leads to his assertion that EV sales Solar Power International Today is published three days annually by Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC, 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 680, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA, (703) 738-9460. © 2017 S olar Energy Trade Show s, LLC. All rights reserved for all articles contained herein except where otherwise noted. Printed in the USA. Las Vegas, Nevada September 13, 2017 WEDNESDAY Continued on page 6 ® POWERED BY Today The Intersection of Solar and Storage: “Let us Have Solar” David Bywater, Chief Executive Officer at Vivint Solar, says we need to remove the shackles of fossil fuels. Hugh Bromley, Lead US Solar Analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, tells attendees that technology is fundamentally changing the energy landscape.