SPI Today - Thursday, September 27, 2018

1 North America Smart EnergyWeekToday S olar is not a new topic for the U.S. military. Solar and microgrids are be- ing deployed in forward locations as the military looks to reduce the cost and price volatility associated with fossil fuels. Wednesday’s General Session at North America Smart Energy Week looked toward the impact of resilience in energy planning by the military in a discussion moderated by John Lushetsky, Chief Operating Officer—Office of Energy Policy—U.S. Department of Energy. The session was organized so attendees could learn what is involved in working with the De- partment of Defense (DOD). Prior to introducing the session’s panelists, Lushetsky outlined the major drivers for the DOD’s push for installation energy resilience. He cited natural disasters (like the recent hur- ricanes and tropical storms that have disrupted areas), physical attacks (like the sniper assault against a California utility), and cyberattacks (like the crippling of the Ukrainian power grid), which served as wakeup calls for infrastructure operators. In December 2013, as an initial step in its energy resilience initiatives, the DOD released its Electric Power Resilience memorandum. This initial step outlined the existence of key resil- ience policies. These policies encompass energy security, increased energy efficiency, and promotion of renewable energy sources to serve the military’s $880 billion real property portfolio, which en- compasses more than 500 installations, 300,000 buildings, and 25 million acres. With solar coming down in cost, there will be additional operations. These are large installa- tions with loads of 20-50 megawatts and more. Directing his comments to attendees, Lushet- sky said, “The market potential is significant. What is changing is that energy resilience is increasingly important to support the mission in all conditions.” Referring back to the dependence on the com- mercial grid and the troubles experienced after Tropical Storm Sandy and Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Florence, he expressed his concern that “these types of events will increase as cli- North America Smart EnergyWeek Today is published three days annually by Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC, 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 680 | Alexandria, VA 22314 | (703) 738-9460 | Fax (202) 403-3212 © 2018 Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC. All rights reserved for all articles contained herein except where otherwise noted. Printed in the USA. Anaheim, California September 27, 2018 THURSDAY Continued on page 6 ® POWERED BY Today DOD Energy Resilience Policies Mean Business Opportunities Rob Rogan of SunPower explains how his company works with military PPAs. NORTH AMERICA SMART ENERGY WEEK Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Sharon Burke encourages would-be DOD partners to explain their mission in terms of the mission.