NASEW Today - Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019

1 North America Smart EnergyWeekToday I n May, Solar Energy Industries As- sociation (SEIA) President and CEO Abigail Ross Harper issued a call for SEIA members and energy organiza- tions “to take steps to address diver- sity” as one of her goals announced when she joined the organization over two years ago. The response was positive, but more action was needed to encourage acceptance in the industry. SEIA and The Solar Foundation have issued a Diversity Challenge for the energy sector to address diversity and inclusion at their organi- zations and companies. The two groups joined more than 600 other organizations in making the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge (see sidebar on page 6) and encouraging others to take action. The two groups also released the U.S. Solar Industry Diversity Study 2019, providing an in-depth look at diversity, inclusion, and equity in the solar industry. It provides data on career pathways, wages, and advancement opportuni- ties for women and people of color and includes references to a “best practices guide”—available at —to help companies im- prove diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The study found that nearly all executive-level positions are held by white (88 percent) men (80 percent). It also pointed to a major discrep- ancy in pay, with a 26 percent gender wage gap. Reportedly, women in solar make only 74 cents on the dollar compared to men with a median wage of $29.19 for men and $21.62 for women. According to the study, only about one-third of solar companies tracked employee diversity. Ross Hopper is working to improve the indus- try’s diversity and hopes “that every organiza- tion engaging in the Diversity Challenge, and those that don’t, will take tangible, intentional action to implement the suggestions in our best practices guide to encourage this critical cultural change.” Last year’s Delivering through Diversity report by McKinsey & Company reinforces the link between financial performance and organization North America Smart EnergyWeek Today is published three days annually by Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC, 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 680 | Alexandria, VA 22314 | (703) 738-9460 | Fax (202) 403-3212 © 2019 Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC. All rights reserved for all articles contained herein except where otherwise noted. Printed in the USA. Salt Lake City, Utah September 26, 2019 THURSDAY Continued on page 4 Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in the Renewables Industry ® POWERED BY NORTH AMERICA SMART ENERGY WEEK TODAY