SPI Today - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

1 Solar Power InternationalToday • www.solarpowerinternational.com “W hat’s next?” was the question posed now that solar, due to un- precedented growth, is considered mainstream. Those looking ahead see better integration with other technologies including storage, demand response, and energy efficiency in a message from panel members discussing the fu- ture of solar at the Tuesday morning SPI General Session. The roundtable discussion, moderated by SEPA President and CEO Julia Hamm, began with a look back from the year 2026 when a video street reporter interviewed “Jane Average” (played by Hamm). When asked what has changed in her family’s use of electricity over the past ten years, “Ms. Average” remarked that “everything is simpler now—I don’t even know what a kilowatt hour is and I don’t care.” She went on to describe how they are using less electricity while having less of an impact on the environment. This transparency was a repeated theme throughout the conversation that followed as the panel members discussed “broadening our horizons to distributed technologies.” Hamm asked the panelists what they thought would need to happen for the emerging clean A good evangelist can have you hooked within minutes. Brian T. Patterson, is good . The President of the EMerge Alli- ance (emergealliance.org) doesn’t say the things you expect to hear from a green technology advocate. “Work creates wealth” is right from the economist’s playbook, and Patterson is a firm believer that the world needs to use more energy in order to thrive. As he talks inside SPI’s Smart Energy Microgrid Pavil- ion, you can’t help but get caught up in his enthusiasm. The EMerge Alliance is promot- ing a set of standards for the safe adoption of DC power distribution in commercial buildings. Why DC? According to the Alliance website: “Commercial building will never be the same when they begin using microgrid platforms delivering DC power. Applications using the first EMerge Alliance Standard for occu- pied spaces will: Allow direct access to safe power (low voltage, DC), make it easier to install lighting Solar Power International Today is published three days annually by Solar Energy Trade Shows, LLC, 1737 King St., Suite 600, Alexandria, VA 22314, USA, (703) 738-9460. © 2016 S olar Energy Trade Show s, LLC. All rights reserved for all articles contained herein except where otherwise noted. Printed in the USA. Las Vegas, Nevada September 14, 2016 WEDNESDAY Continued on page 6 Continued on page 7 General Session Panel Answers “What’s Next for Solar?” Celebrating the Microgrid’s 100 th Anniversary INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION AT ITS CORE. POWERED BY Today The Smart Energy Microgrid Pavilion disconnects from the grid. SEPA CEO Julia Hamm is assisted by Austin Powers, Nextek Power System’s Paul Savage, EMerge Alliance’s Brian T. Patterson and Dow Chemical Company’s Kirk Thompson.